My Review and Questions Answered on Vince Delmonte’s Stage Shredded Status

Alright, today we’re going to cover some common questions you may have
about the Stage Shredded Status DVD’s before
they sell out…

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If you’ve seen the video but have some questions before ordering:

Question: Is SSS a documentary of Vince Delmonte’s transformation or is there an actual program included?

Answer: Yes, SSS includes an entire program (covered on 3 of the 8 disks) and it was filmed with former NFL lineman and NPC level bodybuilder Ryan Watson! They are both pretty jacked up in this workout so it’s pretty motivating too!

What Vince is going to do for anyone who orders is send you the printable workout sheets of the Stage Shredded Status workout program! Just email him your receipt to the help desk for proof of purchase!

You’ll love this program because it relies on a variance of rep ranges to target, specifically, the Type 11a & Type 1a muscle fibers which create the training effect of
hypertrophy and strength-endurance. The combos generate a lot of lactate to boost growth hormone levels to assist in fat loss. You don’t do super heavy loads because heavy lifting does not involve enough mechanical stress to promote fat loss.
Plus, you would not normally lift super heavy when you get leaner because your joints have less fluid and fat to protect them from the bigger forces.

Question: What if I have more than 50 lbs to lose?

Answer: Heck, Vince had 30 lbs to lose so you’re programming
is going to be no different than his. The only difference is that you have an extra 8-10 weeks to travel. Let’s go!

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Question: Is SSS for a complete beginner?

Answer: If Vince only cared about selling his DVD’s I would say yes but if you have less than one year experience in his crazy fitness world, you’ll probably find his approach a little too hardcore for now. Sit this one up unless you’re absolutely intrigued to see how this goes down.

The weight training program is far too advanced and you would be better off learning the nutritional principles in No Nonsense Muscle Building, which focuses on a balanced approach to eating. You need to master a balanced
approach before implementing some of the more advanced things they did.

Question: I noticed you had an ENTIRE cupboard full of supplements.
Am I supposed to take all of those?!?!

Answer: When it comes to supplementation, that’s a personal choice.

In the DVD’s Vince explains WHY he takes what he takes and encourages you to just sit back and consider it an educational experience. Then, as you choose, start to add one new supplement a month and measure
the response. There are SO MANY supplements he’s interested in trying himself but he likes to add one new thing at a time so he will get there when he gets there.

Question: What if I only have 10 lbs of fat to lose?

Answer: Again, the same principles apply and you’ll learn how Vince adjusted his cardio intensity and frequency as he gets closer to the show to ensure he does not lose muscle the last few weeks.

You’ll see EXACTLY how he changed his diet from phase to phase (He changed it three times throughout the 16 weeks) and you’ll see some creative ways to switch around your macros and food sources
that assist with fat loss, WITHOUT dropping your calories.

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Question: Is Ben Pakulski in any of the DVD’s?

Answer: YES! The first 2 DVDs start off in Toronto when Vince is looking pretty bulky and they get 2 hours of coaching on the gym floor with Ben & Intentions! If you bought MI40 then you already have this footage but it’s worth reviewing and owning it on hardcopy. I know that every time I watch this footage, I re learn something new and then BOOM, I have a better workout!

If you don’t have this footage, heck, the first 2 hours is worth 3x the price of the DVDs because Ben bills $150 an hour! This is the kind of information that propelled him into the ranks of the top ten bodybuilders in the world this past month!

Question: How long are the DVDs on sale?

Answer: It depends… we have about 550 left in stock now and the $50 off sale ends Sunday night or whenever he sells out… Whatever comes first.

Trust that helps and THANK YOU for your interest in Vince’s work. This is, by far, the best fat loss resource he’s ever released. Grab it while you can!

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P.S. Vince ships all over the world!