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Add one inch to your biceps in 20 minutes by using this mass stacking giant set creating an impressive peak, bulging and sleeve filling arms.

Want bigger, bulging biceps?

Then just do a bunch of barbell curls until you hurl. Lol. If only it were that simple.

According to some experts, sometimes it is! But me personally, I’ve taken a more calculated, scientific approach to training, which helps you reach your full potential with your overall arm development.

One of the most sought out body-parts guys want to improve  and GROW are the biceps.

But curling with the same old exercises is just as limiting as it sounds.

By incorporating these four specific movements into your normal routine, you’ll experience better overall bicep size and quality.

Here’s the workout below:

All exercises are performed as one BIG GIANT set.  No rest between sets.  After the first round, rest for 60 seconds and repeat 2 more times using the reverse pyramid method (8-10-12)

First Round 8 Reps
Second Round 10 Reps (Drop Weight by 10-15%)
Third Round 12 Reps (Drop Weight again by 10-15%)

A1.  BB Curls with 4 sec Negative
A2. Incline DB Curls (Hold Contraction on Non Working Arm)
A3.  DB Hammer Curls
A4.  Rope Curls with Max Supination

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What’s Next?

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