MI40 is LIVE! [$500 Bonus + Big Discount]

Unless you just landed from Mars, you’ve probably been watching and
hearing A LOT about my good friend Ben Pakulski’s brand new 40 day
program – MI40 where you’ll learn how to DOUBLE your muscle gains
with the scientific significance of the number 40 in it’s application to
muscle growth:
40 days!
40 minute workouts!
40 second sets!
40 second rest periods!
The number 40 is the MOST optimal number for the most critical
muscle-growth variables and for the very first time it’s been organized
into 40 days of structured and progressive workouts.

Three Reasons MI40 Is Completely Different…
1. MI40 is the ONLY muscle program that focuses on the conscious
INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle with the use of Intentions.
Adding Intentions to your movements PROVES that there is NO SUCH
THING as a “weak” or “lagging” body part and teaches you how to
FEEL the muscle ensuring growth. Ben includes SEVEN hours of
instructional coaching so you can learn how to fully SHORTEN &
LENGTHEN every muscle through it’s full range of motion on
every respective movement. Info that was acquired from being around
the worlds brightest coaches, therapists and doctors the past 14 years!
==>MI40 Training System
2. MI40 is different than every other run-of-the-mill program by introducing
Ben Pakulski’s trademark NOS Technology – an intensifier to ensure
you never finish a workout wondering, “Did I do enough?” or “Did I do
too much?” NOS optimizes your testosterone levels to immediately
see growth.
3. And finally, MI40 guarantees you’ll maximize the muscle-to-fat ratio
(the majority of test subjects actually LOST body fat on the system)
and keep your abs the entire 40 days with Ben’s Three-Phase Nutrition.
(BTW… if you’re eating carbohydrates 1-2 hours BEFORE you workout
then you’re DECREASING your workouts performance – this is the
most cutting-edge nutrition research you’ll find). Ben did not become
one of the top 15 bodybuilders in the world by reading the same old
rehashed muscle & fitness info you can find anywhere. Come on!
And the BEST news?!
As of today, November 29th, the MI40 System private $30 OFF launch-sale
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==>MI40 Training System

A few IMPORTANT things you need to know:

1. As mentioned, to celebrate the “Official Release” of the MI40
System, Ben is offering a $30 OFF launch-only discount until
midnight at Friday.

2. Duh! MI40 is NOT for everyone! If you believe you need perfect
genetics, require performance-enhancing drugs, don’t gain muscle
easily, require hours in the gym, must be naturally strong, access
to a fancy gym, must consume piles of supplements, too old, too
young or think you have tried it all… click away right now.
MI40 is NOT for you. MI40 is HARD and is not a magic-bullet
solution. It will require you to bring the BEST version of YOU for
the entire 40 days. This is not a “laid back” approach to gaining
muscle. If you’re looking for a “easy ride” – go back to dreamland.

But if you’re ready to put in some hard work and take a precise and
scientific approach to your training & nutrition then MI40 will literally
change your body and your life FOREVER… and it’ll do it FAST:

==>MI40 Training System

3. VERY IMPORTANT (TODAY ONLY) – While the $30 OF launch-sale
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The Fast Action Bonus – if you order today (Tuesday only) , you will
get invited to a closed-door coaching call with Ben Pakulski & Vince
Del Monte. Try to get Ben on the phone and you’re looking at $250 an
hour for a consult and MI40 customers get 2 hours of VIP COACHING to
answer your personal muscle, fat loss and fitness questions.

The best part about working with Ben is that he DOES believe there is
a RIGHT and WRONG way of doing everything. He will NEVER just
say, “Well it works for me…” in response to your question but will
give you a IN DEPTH and INTELLIGENT answer so you UNDERSTAND
the science behind everything you do. You’ll learn why Ben is coined
“The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder” and you’ll gain a wealth of new
understanding on this call.

Order MI40 today and you’ll gain access to this call at NO ADDITIONAL
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In short, there is A LOT of BS when it comes to muscle & fitness and you’ve
been taken for a ride for too long. Today that ride ends and you’re about to
get the research-based FACTS on how to gain TWICE the muscle in HALF
the time – if you’re up for an intense 40 days that is!

You’re gaining FOURTEEN years of Ben’s knowledge for an investment that
works out to LESS than the price of a 2 pound tub of protein powder!

After reviewing the entire MI40 System, I strongly recommend you grab
yourself a copy. It gets my 110% endorsement and – by far – the BEST
muscle info I’ve seen in a VERY long time.

==>MI40 Training System
Tim Ernst

P.P.S. I highly recommend you read Ben’s entire website today – there is
A LOT of eye-opening information on this page and he goes into depth on
the 5 irrefutable reasons you’ll never make gains and how to fix ’em.

Plus, if you have questions about MI40, at the bottom of Ben’s page there
is a detailed FAQ section that will make sure this the right decision for you.

I wish I had access to this info ten years ago so take advantage of this rare
and awesome day

==>MI40 Training System

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