I Posing Shirtless

That’s right…

Tomorrow morning at 8am I’ll be standing against a bare wall all the way down to my shorts to be photographed.


This pic will demonstrate my “after” pic of my muscle building transformation along with 11 other incredible guys on the Vince Delmonte Pro Team

So it’s going to be pretty awesome.

See I’ve been looking for a personal trainer to beat me up and put me in the best shape of my life.

Vince Delmonte was that trainer I needed to whip me into shape.

Even though he wasn’t right there in person pushing me but, the workouts he sent me through email were incredible and I’m not even joking.

I knew I’d found the right guy when I heard he put on 40 pounds of muscle in 6 months.

So, why did I invest into Vince’s programs that kicked my butt?


Because kicking your own butt is hard.  Especially if you don’t have a plan.

I used to be shy about asking people I admire for advice but, not anymore.  This change of mindset certainly helped and changed my life forever.

The cold hard truth is, if you want real results you need to seek out…

Great coaches.

The kind who invest in their own learning so that they can give back into your results.

Real admirable guys who live to watch pieces of your former self and transform into something better.

I did this in only 18 weeks with my muscle building transformation and the results are incredible.

In as little as 4 months I’ve been able to transform my body from “SKINNY” fat to lean and “JACKED.”

Vince Delmonte Programs

And this Friday I’ll make my first trip to Vince’s Muscle Boot Camp where all 12 of us are going to learn the most optimal ways to continue building muscle and have our desired “dream” physique (The ones you see on magazines).

By the way, that’s my new goal, to be on the front cover of a magazine.

I’ve always wanted to attend a Super Star Muscle Camp with Vince so the chance to be there is a personal triumph.

I’ll be there for 3 days and the whole thing is going to be recorded on video and uploaded for you to watch on Vince’s YouTube channel.

I’ll probably do some of my own filming myself to.

Last Sunday I got a really good taste of what the next three days will be like.

I got a chance to go to Vince’s Muscle Camp here in my home town and went through what Vince likes to call “The hurt box”…With 3 grueling workouts…ALL in ONE day!

Go check  out the video trailer here below:

I’ll make sure to send you the other links for this up and coming weekend with the whole Delmonte Team in the following weeks when the videos are available.

As a coach, Vince has guided me through life-changing results with my physique by helping me create the body I’ve always wanted.

I’m not done yet though with my body, there’s more to come baby.

I’m still going to push through the barriers of building a BIGGER and more SHREDDED body ever!

If you’ve been putting off something you know in your heart you should be doing, ask yourself why.

I want you to look inside and really ask yourself why… the real why.

Then ask yourself what it’s going to take to get there and decide that the time is now.

Then be on the lookout for a great coach. (Sometimes they appear in places you don’t expect and sometimes they’ve been in front of you all along)

Don’t be shy like I was just reach out to someone who has more experience than you.

If you can’t find a coach where you live, I’m always here for you bro.

If coaching is something you are interested in (Serious People Only), please click here. If there is enough interest, I’ll make your dream body a reality to.

I’m rooting for you.



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