Hypertrophy Training

Do you have a lot of time to spend in the gym?  Do you wish there was a way to gain weight and build muscle fast in a short amount of time?  Look no further than HST (Hypertrophy Specified Training)

Hypertrophy Specified Training

The basic concept of this sort of training is full body workouts.  These workouts are done on specific days, Monday, Wednesday, Friday,  hitting all muscle groups. There is a myth out there that says you can only train 1 muscle group once per week.  So for example if you do chest on Monday you can’t do chest again until the following Monday.  This style of training is performed all the time because people are afraid of over training.  I really don’t believe in over training.  Most people under train.  If you recover properly by using the proper recovery foods, supplementation, and sleep, you will not over train.  HTS or Hypertrophy Specified Training, will have you perform the same muscles 3 times a week.  That’s right 3 times a week.  I’m sure you have heard by many people that you need at least 3 days to recover before hitting that same muscle again, False!

Protein Synthesis

Research reveals that when you train a body part, protein synthesis remains elevated for no longer than 48 hours. In a lot of cases it is elevated approximately 36 hours, after that it goes back to normal.

What does this mean for bodybuilders? An individual muscle will only “grow” during this protein synthesis window. So, if you use a body part split, you are repairing and rebuilding for up to 2 days, and giving that muscle 5 days off each week. This form of training can and will build muscle but, it won’t lead to optimal muscle growth.  So how should you train for optimal muscle growth so that you can gain weight and build muscle?

Instead of annihilating a muscle group per day with endless amounts of volume, you are better off targeting muscle groups several times per week.  By training a muscle group 2-3 times per week with moderate volume, you will experience a greater degree of  protein synthesis per muscle group,the end result is gaining weight and building muscle at the same time.  Another benefit is you only workout 3 days a week!

Why all the muscle building magazines endorse body part splits?

The reason why you see all the muscle building magazines permote body part splits is simply this, look at the kind of people who are featured in theses magazines.  Most of them are on some type of sports enhancing drug therefor their level of protein synthesis is elevated all the time.  It does not matter as much to what type of workout they do because protein synthesis is elevated all the time.

An HST Workout Example

NOTE:  An HST Workout is usually completed after 8 weeks, this is just the first 2 weeks.  The other weeks are not listed here.  Week 1-2 is just an example for the first couple of weeks.  Weeks 3-4 is done the same way as week 1-2 but only 10 reps are performed at a slight heavier weight.  5-6 weeks is performed with only 5 reps per set.

Week 1-2 Monday


Week 1-2 Wednesday


Week 1-2 Friday

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