How To Build Thicker and Bigger GUNS

Hey guys, here’s me after an intense Bicep workout.  I wanted to share with you my routine to building bigger GUNS

How To Build Thicker and Bigger GUNS

One of the body parts that gets noticed on any male physique is arms. You can usually tell right away if a guy trains hard in the gym by noticing his guns. Now most guys want a thicker chest or even that “V-Taper” look, but biceps get easily noticed because their not covered up by clothing unless you wear a long sleeve shirt.

Imagine walking around in life and someone comes right up to you and asks, “Do you work out?” Now that’s a great feeling!

Well, today I put together a bicep routine that will have your muscles screaming and splitting out of your skin.

Here’s the routine

Note: Rest for 40 sec between each set

Preacher Machine Curl
Set 1. Warm Up
Set 2. Warm Up
Set 3. 90% Your Max Weight/8 Reps
Set 4. 8 Reps
Set 5. 8 Reps
Set 6. 8 Reps then drop the weight by 20% 3 times each. In other words, on your last set you are going to drop the weight 3 times by 20% each time.

Next you’re going to do a Tri Set. This means you will do three different movements (exercises) back to back with no rest until you get to your last exercise, then you rest for 40 sec and repeat 3 more times. When you reach your 4th set for each exercise do a drop set like the one above. All these are at least 8 reps as well.

To finish off the workout, do some rubber band curls tied around something and pull towards your face. Keep your arms and elbows high and start curling towards your face as quickly as you can. When you start to fatigue, move a little forward for less resistance. Keep doing this until you completely burn out your muscles to failure.

After doing this bicep workout, your going to feel like your arms were just ran over by a truck!

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