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Today’s workout is Building BIGGER arms.

When building your arms, it’s important to do different exercises while hitting all angles to produce maximal growth.

Today’s video is about building your biceps.

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Here is the workout below:

NOTE:  Whenever you see a letter with a number next to it like C1, C2, this is a super-set where you’ll perform the exercises together without rest.  Once you complete 1 round, rest for 60 sec and repeat an additional 3 more.

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Here’s the workout below:

A1.  BB Drag Curl (5 sec con)
Sets   Reps               Rest
4        10                40 sec

B1.  Incline DB Curls
Sets        Reps
4               10

B2.  Incline Spider Curls
Sets        Reps        Rest
4              10             40 sec

C1.  Dual Cable Curls
Sets        Reps        Rest
4              12

C2.  Concentration Curls
Sets        Reps        Rest
4              12             40 sec

D.  Reverse Grip BB Curl
Sets        Reps        Rest
4              15             40 sec

Look for the next workout next Wednesday.

If you have any workouts that you want me to put together for you let me know in the comments section.

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