How Tim Lost 22 Pounds of Fat Eating 6 Hour Cheat Meals

Q. So tell us how you got started in the world of physical training?

I’ll never forget it. The year was 2001. I was 25 years of age and I had a brother 13 months younger than me who I was very close to.

He became addicted to drugs. I could vividly remember earlier on one particular day when he called me at my job to ask if he could borrow money so that he could go to this concert called “LIVE STOCK.”

Now I always would let my brother borrow money but, a little voice told me not to this time.  In my mind I though that he was just going to feed is drug addiction and at this point I had just quit all the partying and drugs myself.

When I told my brother “no” to the money he was pretty upset with me.

I came home that same day and my brother was fixing a flat tire he had on his car right before he was to leave for the concert. I offered to help but, he refused.

We both went our separate ways that evening and at around 4:30am the following morning I received a phone call from one of my brother’s friends. He told me that my brother had passed out and had been taken to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital the doctor who was on call that morning said that there was nothing that they could do. I was told that he had stopped breathing and became brain dead.

My family and I were devastated and I could not return back to work until 2 weeks after his death. It was at that moment when I returned to work that I wanted something more. I needed a change.

Then one day a co-worker introduced me to the gym. He thought it would be a good idea to get my mind off of things and start my life over.

He believed that if I could change my body from skinny to jacked my life would begin to turn around.

He began showing me things on how I could gain weight and build muscle through proper lifting techniques and proper nutrition.

The rest is history as they say…


Q. How has this changed your life from who you were to who you are today?

The impact that my physical transformation has made in my life has been huge! I love fitness so much that I created a site for those seeking to turn their life around called “Turn Around Fitness.”

I have a passion to help guys find another avenue to living a healthier and a more fulfilling life. I even quit my day job to put everything I have into helping the lives of others as well as continuing to live large in my own life.

Q. Where do you see your future in the fitness industry?

My goal is to become an inspirational leader by helping others change their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I love fitness and believe that being physically fit will have an impact on all aspects of one’s life, whether that be relationships, work, business, etc.

There’s no reason why you should do something your whole life and be unhappy with it.

One quote that has always stuck with me is this, “If you don’t work on your own dream, someone will hire you to work on theirs.”

Life is what you make of it, and a great place to start is with your physique.


Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a leader in my field continuing to push my physical limits and boundaries and sharing my success with others. I also want to succeed in business as a fitness professional and author.

One of the goals I have is to be on the front cover of a men’s fitness magazine. (If Justin Bieber can do it why can’t I!?)


Q. What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned from following Vince Del Monte’s programs?

TENSION! How to use tension during the whole movement of an exercise. Most people only use tension on the concentric portion of a lift and not the eccentric.

Taking this a step further I’ve been introduced to CTTS (Constant Tension Timed Sets). These are brutal and are a great way to put your muscles under a certain amount of stress as a finisher towards the end of your workout. Welcome to the “Hurt Box!”

Q. What are one or two things you’ve learned from your transformation that made a big difference?

Following Vince Del Monte’s Specialization Programs. The whole process was amazing as I got to train certain body parts 3 days in a row every week! This method helped me understand that most people don’t train hard enough.

The second thing I would have to say is diet. I lost 22 pounds of fat and built muscle all at the same time. I achieved this by staying ketogenic most of the week and by day 7 I was able to indulge in an epic, 6-hour cheat meal! Sounds ridiculous right!?

The results of combining these two methods were that I made more of a transformation in 18 weeks than in my last 10 years! It all goes back to getting the right information into your hands and implementing it.

Q. You were able to accomplish an extraordinary transformation in only 18 weeks? You told me you were eating Dunkin’ Donuts, sugary cereals and everything we’re told will make you fat! Can you elaborate how you achieved this?

Yeah, basically you keep your carbohydrates very low like 30 grams a day post workout. I would eat only healthy fats the first part of the day.

Then I would train late afternoon, take a protein shake 60 minutes after and then back-load my 30 grams of carbs.

I did this every day for seven or so days. Then on the seventh day is where the magic happens.

I would have my normal fat meals the first part of the day, go train late afternoon, take my protein shake 60 minutes after and then start my epic 6 hours of indulgence.

I ate all kind of crazy things that most people would tell you to avoid. However, I would say that this method is not sustainable for the long term and should only be used for a brief period of time if you want to make a change in a very short period of time.

Q. What motivates you? What drives you to eat clean, train hard and continually push through mental and physical barriers that most of us face daily?

I love being in shape and looking my best. When you’re in great shape other areas of your life can feel good to. When it comes to muscle I believe in the same philosophy as Vince – Life Changing Muscle. Muscle can literally change your life. It changed my life from being a former drug user who lost his best friend (my brother) to a physically fit entrepreneur who married the woman of my dreams with two incredible kids.

Q.  You have your own program and another one being released shortly – called 180 Muscle – can you give us your elevator pitch on this and why guys should take notice?

My first program is an 8-week program for beginners who want to gain weight and build muscle with an exercise library and nutrition protocol.

I also have an online coaching program where I work with guys one on one. It’s a personal program where I can connect with people by sending them monthly workouts oriented towards their fitness goals.

Finally I have a new program called, “180 Muscle.” This is going to be a unique program where the workouts are short but very effective for the people who don’t have a lot of time to workout. It’s a program where I will be able to deliver results in only 180 minutes a week.

Q. If someone wants to get a hold of you to build muscle what would you suggest?

They can go to my new program 180 Muscle or contact or on my Facebook page at

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    January 6, 2016

    The program will build strength and build muscle size at the same time. Combining this workout program with the diet is where the magic happens. Most people struggle with the diet not the workouts.

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