How Hard Do You Train In The Gym?

 How Hard Do You Train In The Gym?
By:  Tim Ernst

Are you serious when you train in the gym?
Are you getting the results that you really want?
Are you easily distracted by outside influences?

I can’t tell you how many times I see people in the gym socializing with other people or their friends.  I’m not saying that you have to be a complete jerk and ignore people, but if you are serious about your training your mission or job is to get in and get out of the gym.   You have a life outside of the gym right?

The most successful people in life have a goal that they want to accomplish and they do not allow any outside influences to dictate or distract them from that goal.  We all get distractions and interruptions in life and when they come, successful people put into place boundaries.  When you are in the gym you have to set up boundaries for yourself.   I mean whose life is it anyway, yours or theirs?  There are clearly things that are out of your control and things that are in your control.  Take control and get your life back!

One thing that I do to keep people from distracting me in the gym is such a quick fix.  I simply put on my headphones and put on my favorite work out music and it’s ON!  Most people won’t bother you if you have your headphones on and if they do just simply answer their question quickly and move on.  There will be times when people will ask you if you are on or using some type of machine, that’s o.k.  If they want to talk to you any further than that, simply tell them that when you are finished with your training, you will be happy to get back with them with any questions that they may have.

Here is a list of things you can do to decrease the amount of distractions when in the gym:

1.  Headphones/MP3 Player/I-Pod

2.  Hat (Optional)  This will help you not to make clear eye contact or others seeing you making eye contact.  Some women will do this to avoid any men coming up to them.

3.  Set clear goals for yourself of what you want to accomplish in the gym.

4.  Answer any small questions and move on.

5.  Set yourself a time limit.  Setting a deadline is very effective.  It pushes you to finish on time.

Implementing some of these strategies will help you decrease your distractions while in the gym, only if your serious about your training.  Focus on your goals, set deadlines/boundaries, and watch success begin to unfold.  Whatever you decide to do, do with all your strength.

Train Hard!