Gaining Weight and Building Muscle Hey SKINNY!!!
Apr 2014 07

Gaining weight and building muscle doesn’t have to be hard and can be achieved .  Lean and scrawny skinny guys looking for some female attention should consider gaining weight and building muscle. It is a simple trick that always has exponential results. It is not just female attention you will grab, you will also notice positive changes within you and a marked difference in attitude of those around you.

 Apart from noticeable physical changes gaining weight and building muscle endow you with there are 3 major benefits that you are sure to experience when you add slabs muscle to your body–

1. Boost in confidence levels

2. Attention of the opposite sex

3. Respect of friends and peers


Heightened Confidence Level

Gaining weight and building muscle









It is an established fact that a person’s poise and self confidence is affected by their physical appearance. When you know you are looking good you feel more positive and the opposite holds true for when you are not in the best of shape, physically. Hitting weights and adding muscle dramatically alters your physique, your body gets into shape, it appears jacked and you carry yourself with more confidence. The characteristic physical changes that adding weight and muscle bring in, makes you feel better about yourself and your confidence levels automatically surge.

Physically More Attractive To Women

Gaining weight and building muscle







A man with a better physique is definitely more attractive to women than one who is skinny. This attraction to a physically more attractive man stems from a natural instinct where women feel more protected in the company of a guy who is physically stronger. It is not just the need to feel protected; the attraction is also sexual in nature. As in animals, the fairer sex intuitively looks for better genes in a man, to procreate – and men with more muscle rippling through their shirt appear to be carrying more robust and superior genes.

More Respect Among Peers

Gaining weight and building muscle









The weight and muscle mass that you add to your body produce dynamic changes in your physique. The extra weight and muscle on the body supports your frame better, resulting in you standing tall and appearing imposing. Your posture improves and so does your gait. Your body is toned and muscles now fill out your lean frame, making you look brawny. People around you notice the change and associate it with strength and power. It is strange but true – men feel intimidated by strapping, powerfully built guys and the respect comes involuntarily.


Skinny guys stand to gain the most from=> a routine that adds slabs of muscle <=and fills their scrawny frame. Building muscle mass has far-reaching positive benefits that changes the way people around you look at you.

The encouraging effect it has on your confidence level can turn your life over. You will find remarkable changes in you and your approach to life will change. You will be able to handle people and situations better.

If you have been struggling to grab female attention; that struggle will end. A physically fitter you will attract female attention without effort.

Putting on weight and getting a toned, more muscular body is a sure shot formula to enhance every aspect of your life.

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