Gene Expression Training

Gene Expression Training Builds Muscle and Burns Fat 10X Faster

Here’s why gene expression training builds muscle and burns fat 10 times faster by making this one 45 second change while using 3 muscle building phases

If you are a man or women who wants to gain pounds of lean muscle mass, get stronger and reveal six pack abs hidden underneath years or even decades of stubborn belly fat…gene expression training is your answer.

It’s no secret that Vince Del Monte’s Gene Expression Training (No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0) works.

Just take a look at all these transformations from guys who did the EXACT program: (I’m the 4th guy over to the right!)

Gene Expression Training

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But you may be asking yourself, WHY?  Why does it work so well?

It comes down to 2 things that are backed by science and research.

1.  It is customized to your genetics or body type

Here’s the real truth, when it comes to building your best body, it’s never a one-size-fits-all type of thing.

Answering The Never Ending Debate: Which Is Better? Heavy or Light Weights?

Personally, I’ve tried lighter and heavier weights and have come to the conclusion that both are effective—HOWEVER, I have noticed varying degrees of muscle growth and fat loss with BOTH methods.

Gene Expression Training

After taking the quiz on this page, you will then discover what body type you are and how to train based on your muscle fiber type.

Vince then has designed a program customized to your genetics and muscle fiber type, so it truly is a program that works for everyone.

Gene Expression Training 2.  It has 3 distinct muscle building phases.

  1. CTTS (Constant Tension Timed Sets)
  2. Cluster Sets
  3. Omni Sets

Here’s an example of CTTS doing the Scott Curl with Vince Delmonte below:


Muscle Building Phase #1  CTTS (Constant Tension Timed Sets)

Gene Expression Training

The first phase (weeks 1-6) focuses on Constant Tension Timed Sets (CTTS).  Now, you know that muscle is built by mechanical tension.

These sets involve you lifting a weight for a given time period.  So instead of counting the reps, your goal is to keep as much tension as possible in the muscle for the given amount of time.

Let’s say the set lasts 45 seconds.  You will use a weight that is heavy enough for you to be able to lift the weight for 45 seconds while applying as much tension as possible in the muscle.  If you fail before reaching 45 seconds, then the weight is too heavy.  This method will teach your body how to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible in order to build muscle.  This process uses lighter weights (so it doesn’t beat up your body such as joints and ligaments), but you will get insane pumps and be sore for days after your workout.

Muscle Building Phase #2  Cluster Sets

Gene Expression Training

The second phase (weeks 7-12) focuses on Cluster Sets (CS).  These are my new favorite training protocol for strength and mass.

Here, you take a heavy weight and lift it for a low number of reps.  For instance, lets say your program calls for 12 reps.  Instead of doing all 12 reps in one set, you’ll split it up in 4 rep increments resting for only 10 seconds between the 4 reps.  You will do 3 of these so it will look like this: 4+4+4=12 reps.  You only rest for 10 seconds between the 4 reps totaling 12 reps.  This is ONE SET. Rest 1-2 minutes.  Do this for 3-4 total sets.

The reason CS works so well is because you are using a weight that you could only do 4 reps with, but now you are getting 12 reps with heavy weight (thanks to the 10 second intra set rest periods).  This is a game changer for strength and mass gains.

Muscle Building Phase #3  Omni Sets

Gene Expression Training

The last phase (weeks 13 – 18) focus on Omni Sets.

Your muscles need to be trained at all kinds of different angles. Omni sets accomplish this.

Let’s say you are training your pecs.  With Omni Sets, your first set may be 60 degree incline press.

Your second set could be 45 degrees.  And you would continue this way until you are doing decline presses.  This way, you are hitting your pecs at every single angle.

This is very effective for hitting every single muscle fiber in your pecs.

What’s Next?

If all of this sounds good to you, I recommend grabbing Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Gene Expression Training program today

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Gene Expression Training

It’s the ONLY program on the market that is customized to your body type, and it’s based on a secret master chemical that supercharges muscle size and strength.

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