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Vince Delmonte's, THE TOP 20 BIGGEST Muscle Building Mistakes Revealed For FREE & Ben Pakulski's 5 Tricks to Immediately DOUBLE Your Gains

What you will find in Vince’s book:

  • The Top 20 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym
  • Learn How To Sidestep These Suicide Training errors while trying to build muscle…

  • The truth about supplements
  • How to add 12 Pounds of Muscle in just 21 Days!
  • Why Bulking is DEAD!
  • and…so much more


What you will find in Big Ben Pakulski’s book:

  • Discover why being obsessed with lifting heavy is the #1 way to kiss your gains away. (Page 10 proves I’m not crazy)
  • GROWTH SPURT TIPS: Learn how Intentions is the ultimate shortcut to your dream physique. (Read every word on page 12)
  • FACT: There is NO SUCH THING as a “genetically weak” body part! Learn the scientific reasoning starting on page 17
  • INTRODUCING NOS – the intensifier to guarantee max muscle size and so you never say, “Did I do enough?” or “Should I do more?” (page 32)
  • Tired of gaining fat faster than you gain muscle? Learn my 3-Phase-Nutrition System. Find out exactly how many carb & proteins you should have around your workouts on page 37
  • And so many more uncommon but must-know tips…