Eat This To Build Muscle

Pre and Post Workout Meals.

What do I eat before my workout for optimal muscle group?

One of the best foods to eat is a good source of protein and complex carb 1 hour before training. You need the energy to fuel your body for the workouts your going to do. Working out on an empty stomach will not accelerate your muscle building goals.

Carbohydrates play a huge role when needing energy for your workouts. If you eat a complex carbohydrate to close to the beginning of your workout, you will become sluggish and not able to get through it. You need at least an hour for the carbohydrate to digest so that it will turn into energy and give you the fuel you need. Some great complex carbs are, sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, cous cous, Ezekiel bread.

However, a quick digesting carbohydrate can be consumed 20-30 minutes before your workout with no problem at all. Anything that is white can be considered a quick digesting carb like white rice, potato, white pasta, white breads, cereals, etc. If you are a hard-gainer eating these types of carbs before a workout is great for energy.

What do I eat after a workout for optimal muscle growth?

Right after your workout it’s important to get a quick digesting protein. The best protein after a workout is in the form of a liquid. This is where protein shakes come in handy. You need to get that protein shake in your body as soon as the workout is over so that your muscles can start the recovery process.

One hour after your workout you need to eat whole food. Just like above you need to eat a protein and high complex carbohydrates. This is when you will begin to grow. It is vital that you consume protein and a lot of carbohydrates for recovery. The more calories you consume after your workout the more you will grow.

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