Do You Have a Check List?

Hey guys

I know it’s been some time since I posted  anything and this post will only take a few minutes of your time.

Do you have a check list?  Many times it can be challenging to take on a lot of tasks at once if you don’t follow some type of check list.  I never used check lists, but last month I had to because I was planning my wedding!

The last time I wrote anything, I was a single man. Today I’m happily married to the women of my dreams. I got married the day we had that tropical storm Debbie down here in Florida. What a crazy and chaotic wedding, but the honeymoon was awesome. We went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean and had a blast!

I did so many things to prepare for that day and thought it was going to be impossible to pull off. We were engaged for six months and the last few weeks was NUTS!

I did some drastic things that could only be pulled off by setting deadlines and following the checklist. Here is a list of things I did in a matter of weeks

1. Got a new car
2. Planned the Honeymoon
3. Found a new place for me and my smokin hot bride.
4. Got transferred to a new location on my job. This new place does a million in sales a week!
5. Moved my fiancé and I to our new place

These kinds of events are usually spread out over a period of time, but I wanted to get it all done before we got married. It is possible to accomplish a lot at one time, but you have to set yourself a deadline.

When it comes to working out and getting shredded for summer, you have to set yourself a deadline. Summer should be your deadline to get that desired shredded physique with ripped popping abs.

I have some great news for you! Since its been a while and you have been so dedicated to following my blog, my friend Nick Nilsson has this great offer to good to refuse.

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It’s an excellent new abdominal exercise from the “Mad Scientist
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Now, if you’re familiar with Nick’s exercises, you know how effective (and just a little nuts) they are. This one is no exception. He calls it the One-Arm Hammer Plank…it’s simple
and DEADLY. Even if you’ve got a strong core, this one is going
to really challenge you.

This Plank exercise variation is great for tightening the midsection, developing core strength and stability and, dare I say, flattening the belly.

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Tim Ernst

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Bye the way, I’m working on my new site called
It’s not completed just yet but feel free to have a look.
The idea is about turning your life around through fitness like I did in my life.
Soon I’ll share my heart and passion as to why I chose this name.