Delmonte ProTeam 3 Day Muscle Camp Prep

I made it to the top 12 for a spot on the first ever Vince Delmonte Pro Team and the results are astounding.

Watch as I prep for my final photos/video at Vince Delmonte’s Infamous Muscle Camp in my home town Tampa FL. The weekend consisted of 3, 2 a day workouts along with the other 11 members of the Delmonte Pro Team.

Prepare to take a walk on the wild side of muscle building, nutrition, supplementation and LIVING LARGE outside of the gym.

What is the Delmonte Pro Team?

The Delmonte Pro Team (Led by Vince Delmonte) has a vision to help 1 million skinny guys to gain weight and build muscle by the year 2020.

Want to know Vince’s story on how he went from skinny Vinny to gaining 40 pounds of muscle? Check out his story here 40 Pounds in 6 months!

There were 60 people competing for 12 spots to represent Vince Delmonte’s brand to a part of the first ever Vince Delmonte Pro Team.

Vince Delmonte had us try his unique and challenging specialization programs to get you Jacked! It will be released sometime in May or June to the public, so watch for it as only a select few will be able to get their hands on it.

If you are serious about gaining weight, getting ripped and building muscle, this program is for you.

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