Chest & Back Day

Hey guys my name is Tim Ernst and I want to share with you that at one time I was the skinny guy in High School.  I never really worked out until 2001.  From that time I worked out for about three years and lost interest for about another three years until I stumbled across Vince DelMonte.  I have been following his workouts for about three years and have had tremendous results using his NO-NONSENSE Muscle Building Program

Today, (September 14th 2011) I worked out Chest and Back. I like to combine these two muscle groups because when ever you do a pushing exercise (Chest) you want to do a pulling exercise (Back).  With that said here is the first movement.  The first exercise I did was Bench Press, (Photo Not Shown).  Here’s the workout as follows:

Set 1. 135×10 (Warm-up) with 1 minute rest.
Set 2. 225×6 (Warm-up) with 1 minute rest.
Set 3. 235×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.
Set 4. 235×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.
Set 5. 235×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.
Set 6. 235×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.

Weighted Leaning Forward Dips. This exercise
builds the chest if done properly.  The key is to lean your body forward not straight up, doing so will only work the triceps.
(Shown to the right).
8 sets of 8 with 1 minute rest between sets.  You’ll notice through out this work-out I use an 8×8 protocol.  This routine was taken from Vince’s Maximize Your Muscle Program.  I think he gives away a 10 day video program absolutely FREE!  Click the Link for his video presentation.
Next I did an Iso-Lateral Chest Press.
Set 1 Did as many as I could with 2 Plates aside.
Rested for 1 minute and then preceded to do 2 more plates aside.
When I got to the 2 more plates aside it was go time. Time to Crush It!
Set 1. 180×15 rest for 15 seconds.
Set 2. 180×8 rest for 15 seconds.
Set 3. 180×8 rest for 15 seconds.
This work set was incredible as you push yourself to failure.
See Pics below.

Next I did D.B. Fly’s. (Photo not shown)
Set 1. All out set 35×30 1 minute rest.
Set 2. 45×15 rest for 15 seconds.
Set 3. 45×12 rest for 15 seconds.
Set 4. 45×8 rest for 15 seconds.

Now here’s the hard part.  When you complete this group
of sets above, try holding a pair of D.B.’s out at your
sides for 90 seconds.
Pretty challenging with 20lbs.
If you get tired you can bring the weight up to the ceiling and hold for 5 seconds and then go back down until you reach 90 seconds.  I think I did this about three times.  You can repeat the 5 second rest a few times, I did about three times.

Next is Back.  Back is critical for most guys who want the V-taper look.  First of all it starts with big shoulders, then back, and finally a skinny waist.  It’s what you call the “Adonis Index”  Here is some examples of my Back work-out.

The Lat Pull down is a pretty basic exercise but many people have poor technique.  A lot of people use their arms and make it an arm work-out rather than a Lat work-out.  As you grab the bar, slightly lean back and pull the weight towards your chest   Here’s the protocol I followed:Set 1. 100×10 (Warm up) with 1 minute rest.Set 2. 160×6 (Warm-up) with 1 minute rest.Set 3. 200×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.

Set 4. 200×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.

Set 5. 200×4 (Work-Set) with 2 minute rest.

Set 6. 200×4 (Work-set) with 2 minute rest.

The next exercise I usually do is done with this contraption (Left). I could not find one at this particular gym I was at so I chose to do something else (Below).

This exercise straight below is done with a Barbell. With your knees slightly bent, pull the weight up between your chest and belly then repeat.  The sets are as follows
8×8 with 1 minute rest.

Finally I finished the work-out with a burn-out set of 20+ doing cable pull downs.  I have no Picture to show at this time but it’s a great finishing move for your Lats.

So there you have it.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below.

Remember, when you go into the gym you have to go in with the mind set that you are going to Crush It!  Don’t leave anything on the gym floor.