Today’s training on chest and biceps were MIND BLOWING!  If you want to try this explosive chest and bicep workout to increase size in these two body parts, by all means give this one a shot, but I have to warn you this is not for beginners.

NOTE:  Each exercise will be 4 sets of 8 with a drop set on the final set.  You can only rest for 40 seconds in-between sets.  Get ready to GROW!


1.)  Flat Barbell Press (with inward “Intention”)  3 warm ups then 4 work sets x 8 reps.
On the final 4th set do a drop set 4 times by 20%.  For example,  if you do 100lbs. drop to 80 lbs. on the second, then 60lbs on the 3rd, and finally to 40lbs. on the 4th.  You are pretty much going to do this for every exercise.

2.)  45 degree Incline Dumbbell Press superset with Decline Push-ups.
4 sets of 8 on the Incline Dumbbell Press/Last set do a drop set like the one above.
Push-ups do 4 sets to failure.

3.)  Flat Dumbbell “Press Fly.”  Again, 4 sets of 8/Last set drop set.

4.)  Machine Pec Fly.  3 sets of 8/Last set drop set
Super-set this with Push-ups until failure.


1.)  Machine Preacher Curl.  2 Warm up sets then 4 working sets x 8.  Last set do a drop set.

2.)  Seated Dumbbell Curl.  4 sets of 8 then a drop set on the final set.

3.)  Cable Curl.  4 sets of 8 then a drop set on the final set.

4.)  Burn out with rubber bands.  Do as many as you can do with only one set.

This is one of many training sessions I use and learned from my good friend Vince Delmonte’s Coach.
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Get ready to receive the best physique you’ve always desired.