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Building Muscle Losing Fat Simultaneously

Building muscle losing fat simultaneously seems like an impossibility or is it?  New diet formula shows you how. Building muscle and losing fat is what all gym goers want to achieve but, most find it difficult and think that there must be something wrong with their routine. While having a really good workout routine is…

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Eat carbs BEFORE bed to burn MORE belly fat while building lean muscle

Ignore all the doomsday warnings about eating yummy carbs before bed, and eat ALL your favorite carbs at night to burn MORE fat and build muscle. Listen, anyone who has successfully lost weight and built muscle at the same time knows that in order to lose the fat and increase muscle size you have to…

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Sweet Potato’s a Nutritional Powerhouse

Whether you’re trying to get shredded and lose weight—or bulk up and build muscle, sweet potato’s are a nutritional powerhouse. Sweet potato’s have one of the highest levels of carotenoids.  This is great because carotenoids enhance muscle cell recovery after workouts thus helping you to improve your muscle growth. Today I want to show you…

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Protein Bar

Homemade Post Workout Muscle Protein Bar

Protein Bars are the latest craze when it comes for a quick source of protein or just a snack if you’re in a hurry.  The problem is most protein bars are full of unhealthy ingredients.  Here’s how to make your own in minutes. Protein Bars can be a bit expensive and are cleverly disguised as…

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Sugar Cravings

Sugar Keeping You From Getting Shredded?

If you are craving sugar while trying to make gains and stay shredded, here are some alternatives that you may have not considered. We’ve all done it.  We diet and train real hard for weeks and months when all of a sudden your body craves something sugary. The temptation is to much to bare and…

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post workout restaurant food

Post Workout Restaurant Food

Post workout restaurant food can be quite beneficial to spark new muscle growth while on your journey to building a solid physique. Post workout restaurant food is great when you are short on time and don’t have to be bound strictly to cooking at home. You don’t need to restrict yourself to cooking at home. …

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Mouth Watering High Protein Pancakes

It’s Monday and time to make this mouth watering high protein pancake recipe. Sometimes I like to eat something completely different than the standard eggs and bacon. How about you? We all have cravings and today I’m going to satisfy those cravings with this awesome and simple mouth watering recipe, PROTEIN PANCAKES! This is a…

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Bodybuilding Post Nutrition For Gains

It’s Monday and time to share with you another Monday Muscle Meal plan.  Specifically, bodybuilding post nutrition for gains but, before I do that please read this important information below: The WINNER of The 180 Muscle Method Program will be announced  Today at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  It’s your last chance to enter so…

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Lean Muscle Burgers

It’s Monday and time to share with you another Monday Muscle Meal plan. Today’s meal is another post workout meal that you can eat about an hour after your workout. Remember, Post workout shake 30 minutes after your workout Then 1 hour after your shake, eat your first post workout meal. Here is today’s post…

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Monday Muscle Meal (Post Workout Food)

It’s Monday afternoon and time to share with you another Monday Muscle Meal plan. Today’s meal is a post workout food that you can eat about an hour after your workout. Post nutrition is by far the most important meal in order to build rapid lean muscle. The reason it’s the most important is because…

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