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Gene Expression Training

Gene Expression Training Builds Muscle and Burns Fat 10X Faster

Here’s why gene expression training builds muscle and burns fat 10 times faster by making this one 45 second change while using 3 muscle building phases If you are a man or women who wants to gain pounds of lean muscle mass, get stronger and reveal six pack abs hidden underneath years or even decades…

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5 Things to Never Do Before A Workout

Before you begin your workout there are several things that you should never do before lifting weights.  Doing any one of these will prevent muscle growth. Do you have a plan before you workout?  Do you know what not to do before you workout? These are 2 questions you should be looking into before you…

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muscle gains

3 Rules to Consistently Make Muscle Gains

If you want to gain weight and keep making muscle gains you need to understand 3 important rules.  Miss just one of them and you’ll stay small and skinny. Making muscle gains in the beginning is easy.  Most guys will see noticeable gains in the first six months especially if they have not been exposed…

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3 Ways To Improve Your Workouts For A Champion Body

You’ve seen it in fitness magazines, bodybuilders with bulging muscles and perfect bodies.  Here are 3 ways to improve your gym workouts for a champion body. Is your gym workouts suffering?  It’s no wonder why so many people feel stuck and are not able to reach their fitness goals. There are so many conflicting arguments…

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Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands Benefits to Getting Lean and Ripped Fast

Resistance bands have BIG benefits to getting Lean and Ripped fast.  If you’re considering resistance bands, here’s what you need to know. Walk into any gym and you’ll find a wide variety of free weights, hammer strength equipment and cardio machines.  What you often don’t find is dedicated gym goers including resistance bands as part…

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5 Advanced Methods To Get Stubborn Muscle To Grow

Do you want to rapidly “ignite” new muscle growth to your weak and lagging body parts?  Here are 5 advanced methods to FORCE stubborn muscle to grow fast. One common denominator across most gyms today is that most people continue to move weights instead of training muscle. Building muscle is more than just moving weight…

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intraset stretching

Intraset Stretching For Rapid Muscle Fiber Growth

Do you think your genetics stop you on how much muscle you can grow?  Think again.  Use intraset stretching in your next workout for new muscle fiber growth. If you have never done intraset stretching you are leaving a ton of muscle gains on the table. We all have genetic limitations but to many aspiring…

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cheat day

2 BEST Workout Routines Before Your Cheat Day

When and how to have an effective cheat day can make or break you in your quest to build muscle without the fat.  Below are 2 very powerful workouts you can do before you cheat and not gain a single pound! A “no tolerance” approach to dieting is a losing battle for most.  Telling someone…

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Build Muscle Size

4 Essential Exercises to Build Muscle Size and Strength

To build muscle size, you have to get stronger.  There are hundreds of exercises that can help you get bigger or stronger.  Here are four monster lifts that will make your whole body BIGGER and STRONGER. There are may exercises that will make you stronger and build muscle size but nothing comes close to the…

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muscle mass

5 Muscle Mass Building Tips For Skinny Guys

Skinny guys believe that building muscle mass is impossible due to their genetics.  More often than not, they’re not training, eating and recovering properly.  Here are 5 tips to putting on muscle mass fast. When training for muscle mass, not all diets and workout methods are suitable.  You need a plan of attack if you…

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