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Cheat days have become very popular over the last several years.  Follow these 5 simple tricks when you want to gorge on cheat foods for a flatter belly.

People who desire to get a flatter belly will often times diet for long periods.

Dieting for to long WILL do more harm than good because there are 2 critical hormones that can get suppressed and ultimately stop fat loss from occurring.

Those 2 fat burning hormones are:

  1. Leptin
  2. Thyroid

It is been widely known that in the fitness community cheat days and cheat meals have become very popular over the last several years for obvious reasons… people LOVE carbs so this gives them a chance to take a “diet break”, which can serve as a great physical and psychological reward.

They also help to “re-set” those 2 fat burning hormones (leptin and thyroid) we mentioned above.

The problem is most people do it all WRONG so they end up taking two steps forward and two step backwards every week sabotaging their fat loss progress.

All you have to do is follow the 5 simple tricks inside this article and everything will be a “ok” when you do decide to gorge on your favorite cheat foods every week.

Carb Trick # 1  Perform HIIT Hours Before You Cheat

All you need is 8-10 minutes a day of exercises to burn fat.  Studies have shown that body weight circuits burn 9 times more fat than traditional cardio methods.

See study here > Body weight circuits burn fat 9 times faster than cardio

Performing some type of HIIT like this free 8 minute body weight workout before you cheat is going to ramp up your metabolism and turn it into a fat burning furnace.

Carb Trick # 2  Avoid Fruit and Processed Foods

Fruit really?  Mostly all fruits contain fructose which is the bad part about fruits.

Not all fruits are not bad, but if you are looking to have a flatter belly you want to stay away from the ones that are high on the glycemic index.

Here are a few that are considered o.k to eat from time to time.










Dried Apricots

On the other hand, high fructose corn syrup in a lot of processed foods actually will suppress letpin levels.

Carb Trick # 3  Drinking Alcohol

If you are going to drink alcohol make sure to do it after you have your first cheat meal so that the food can absorb the alcohol.

Avoid binge drinking as this will suppress leptin levels which is responsible for fat loss.

Carb Trick # 4  Water

Drink a gallon of water after your cheat day to get rid of belly bloat.

Drinking a gallon of water will also help you to not eat over the amount of calories your body needs.

Carb Trick # 5  Do Not Weigh Yourself

Stay off the scale for at least 72 hours.  The reason for this is your mind will play tricks on you making you think that you gained fat when actually you’re just holding water from all the carbs you ate over the weekend.

For every gram of carbs you ingest equals about 3 ounces of water, so don’t panic it’s not fat!

What’s Next?

The state of your health, hormones and metabolism should be of the upmost importance.

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It starts with what your eating and diet.

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