Have you ever seen guys in the gym wearing long workout pants? Why do some ware shorts when a small few where longer style workout pants?

If you take a look around the gym you’ll see a trend of people working out every kind of muscle group except legs. Most guys love to work out their chest, biceps, shoulders, etc, but what about legs.

I for one use to neglect legs because I felt that the most important muscles were upper body. After all, that is what gets more attention but legs, so what. I didn’t feel that working out legs was that big of a deal and besides I hated doing them anyway. Do you feel me?

This seems to be a common trend for some guys that they get so focused on upper body they start to look unbalanced. I mean they get top heavy and all you would have to do is push them over and they would fall.

Well…I used to be one of those guys that hated doing legs and would wear my long gym pants to cover up my scrawny chicken legs, but I learned that by training lower body it actually helps your upper body to grow.

Now I have not arrived just yet with huge tree trunk looking legs, but I stopped wearing the pants and now always wear shorts. Why? Well by wearing shorts it’s a constant reminder that I need to Trash my legs hard when I train them. When training them I go past failure and afterwards I eat. I eat big. Nutrition is another very crucial aspect to building muscle, without it your wasting your time.

Your legs are a big muscle group and when you train them hard there are hormones that are released through out your body called testosterone.
Testosterone is the building blocks one needs to build muscle but, that’s a whole other subject.

In the end you will be glad that you hung your pants up and trashed, crushed, and destroyed your legs past failure. It will make the rest of your physique look phenomenal!

“If you are training legs in the gym and the mirror is not making faces back at you then, you’re not training hard enough.”