Ben Pakulski Interview

Here in my home town of Tampa FL there is a professional Bodybuilder by the name of Big Ben Pakulski. He is one of the Bodybuilders in the up and coming movie “Generation Iron.”

Do you remember the movie back in the 70’s called “Pumping Iron,” staring Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well Genertation Iron is a movie due out this month in September and it’s about 7 top Bodybuilders going for the Mr. Olympia Title. Big Ben Pakulski is one of those Bodybuilders. He even as his very own training program designed to help guys =>gain weight and build muscle called MI40<=.

I say all this because Fox13 News, here in my home town did a story about him and you can watch the video below.
It’s pretty cool to see him achieving his dream and I’m glad to have met him personally here in Tampa FL.
I believe you can achieve your dreams as well. Make sure to watch the interview below:
FOX 13 News


By: Josh Cascio, FOX 13 News

TAMPA (FOX 13) –

When you’re as monstrous as Tampa’s own Ben “Pak-man” Pakulski, you tend to get a lot of attention.
“Five-foot-10, 300 pounds right now. Contest, 280 pounds; sub four-percent body fat,” he said, rattling off his vitals.

His hulking frame pays the bills. He’s been a pro bodybuilder since 2008. He trains at Powerhouse Gym downtown.

“Bodybuilding is the never-ending quest to constantly strive for something better. There’s no such thing as a perfect body. It’s just what we’re striving for,” he explained.

He is used to being on stage, but next month he’ll end up on the big screen in “Generation Iron.”
It’s a docu-drama that follows seven of the world’s top bodybuilders preparing for the Mr. Olympia contest. It’s the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. The film’s producers are the same ones behind “Pumping Iron,” the 1970s classic featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“When they first approached me I was ecstatic, obviously. To have any association with the original Pumping Iron, which is iconic, is an incredible honor,” Pakulski said.
He says it’ll show more than just life in the gym.

“What it is, getting to know our personality, letting people know there’s something outside the physical,” he said. “I have an internet marketing business, also have three children and a wife at home, so I’m extremely busy.”

He isn’t the only local attraction featured in the film. Powerhouse itself gets plenty of screen time.

“This unique feature we have and see it on the big screen and people see it all over the world. It’s very exciting,” said co-owner John Sanguinetti.
“It is kind of cool seeing bodybuilding in a positive light because people have negative stereotypes,” Pakulski added.

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