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There is no better way to burn fat then doing barbell complexes.  It will challenge you to your core.  You’ll even wonder how you’ll get through it.  Your mind will begin to tell you to quit, but keep pushing through because the rewards are worth it!

One of the most stubborn areas to burn fat is your lower bell.  It’s no secret that diet and exercises play a major role for weight loss.

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Can you do Barbell Complexes in your Gym Sana?  Well that’s what it felt like when you do these in HOT and HUMID Florida in your garage.

As being selected to compete in the Vince Delmonte Pro Team, Barbell complexes is the last workout you do towards the end of your week, typically on Saturday or Sunday.

These Barbell complexes will get you shredded and in peak condition.

The idea is to do 10 reps on each exercises for 20 minutes non stop.  The goal is to do 10 rounds.

See the workout below:

A.  Push Press
B.  Front Squat
C.  Barbell Row
D.  Deadlifts
E.  Back Squat

For another killer barbell complex, see this brutal workout here


Now you have the tools to get shredded and build lean muscle without reducing calories.

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