An Interesting Day

I Just had an interesting day. I was looking forward to getting off work at 5 so I could hit the gym. When I got off, I was walking out the door and headed towards my car when all of a sudden a guy pulls up in a Escalade and says that he was trying to catch me before I left to talk to me.

He told me that I looked like a guy who worked out, I have to to say that made me feel pretty good. He then proceeded to tell me that he was a bodybuilder himself back in the day. Now he looked like someone who had worked out but he was a little out of shape. The guy was 51 years old and was pretty built for his age. We spent a good half hour talking about training and nutrition. He showed me pictures of himself when he competed and others that he took to a stage ready physique. The pictures looked pretty good and he convinced me to come with him to a local gym in the area to workout out with him.

When we arrived at the gym everyone there seemed to have known him. People were walking up to him shaking his hand. I thought this guy knows a lot of people.

When we started working out he changed my lifting technique just slightly and man…what a difference! I felt a huge pump in my pecs that I have not felt in a long time. He told me that he could take me in just a few short months to help my lagging body parts by changing technique.

When we got to biceps he told me that I already had nice ones, but he said he could take my biceps even further to a more freakish look. He said I had a lot of potential but it was up to me.

I’ve never had a personal trainer, but I feel that sometimes there comes a time that you need to take yourself to another level. Sometimes you have to change it up and this might be just the thing I need to take my physique from good to excellent.

It’s like the saying goes, “Successful people are willing to do things that other people don’t want to do”.

What are you doing today that’s “different” than everybody else?