9 Things To Review Over This Past Year!

Career – how have you progressed in the last twelve months? Are you in the right job for you? What do you want to have achieved by next Christmas? (For me I want to leave my current job and do what I’m most passionate about.)

Health – have you maintained a sensible health and fitness regime this year? Is your diet and exercise regime what you want it to be? What would you like it to be next year? Are your goals truly yours, or imposed by someone else/society?

Reading/study – what have you done to develop intellectually this year? Is there anything you would like to learn next year? (For me, I’m going to learn everything I need to know on how to build a successful business online.) A new language or skill? A new qualification or hobby?

Inspiration – is there something you’ve always wanted to do that you achieved this year? (For me it was attending Vince Delmonte’s Live Large Live Seminar in Canada). What could you plan for next year? It can be big or small, but ticking off a lifetime ambition can be hugely inspirational.

Stuff/clutter – have you accumulated or cleared clutter in your life this year? Do you have less or more room to move in the house? Can you get in the garage? Can you set goals to clear a room each month next year?

Time – are you happy with the way you spent the half a million minutes you had this year? (For me, I spent too much time working, not enough time spending it with the people I love the most.) How will you spend them differently next year? What are your priorities for your time next year?

Money – has your net worth increased this year in line with your plans? Do you know what your net worth is? Or what net worth means? What are your financial goals for next year?

Attitude – are you happy with how you have reacted to life in the last year? If you could change anything about your own attitude, what would it be? How can you work on making that change? What will be your theme for next year – being positive, being resourceful, being thankful, being something else?

Seize the Day – or “Carpe Diem” as the Romans used to say. What could happen for you next year if you seized opportunities that came your way, if you got on with tasks rather than just thought about them?

Life is to short. It’s not a dress rehearsal, you only got one chance. Live it like it was your last day on earth.