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It’s that time of year where most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts go on a bulking cycle to gain more muscle mass.

The problem with most bulking cycles is that a lot of guys run into trouble when they notice fat starting to accumulate around their mid section.

Bulking to hard and to fast can have negative results leaving you to diet down for months when transitioning to a beach ready body.

If you are starting to bulk this season for more muscle mass, here are 7 deadly bulking sins to avoid at all costs and how to do it right.

Bulking Sin #1  Avoid Excessive Junk Food

Traditional bulking diets give people the excuse to eat junk food all the time.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m in bulking mode?”

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to the occasional cheat food, but do not over do it by nay means or you’ll just get fat.

Remember, bad habits are hard to break.

Making poor food choices makes it extremely difficult to find the discipline and willpower to eliminate bad food choices when it comes time to cut.

Bulking Sin #2  Avoid Bulking For Long Periods

Bulking for long periods wreck havoc on your body and lifestyle for a number of reasons:

  • Expensive grocery bill
  • Food prepping
  • Cleaning
  • Excess eating

The reality is when you are consistently eating a lot of food for months at a time it will take a toll on your wallet, the amount of trips to the store, food prepping, cleaning and most of all, willpower.

If you think you can eat big meals for months at a time I can guarantee you that you’ll eventually burn out.

You can have a successful bulking cycle by eating for a certain amount of weeks like the Customized Carb Cycling Solution not months when done right.

Bulking Sin #3  Avoid Accepting That a “Calorie is a Calorie” Nonsense

The idea that a calorie is a calorie is utter nonsense.

Here is an example from Dr. John Berardi about the calorie is a calorie nonsense.

“If I agreed with the idea that a calorie is a calorie, then I’d have to believe that my body would behave the same way if I ate 3000 calories a day from celery (yes, that’s a lot of celery) as it would if I ate 3000 calories a day from butter”

“Is a calorie just a calorie, or might some of the fibrous content in the celery fail to be absorbed, decreasing the amount of calories actually reaching the cells?”

“Since some of the fibrous calories will indeed fail to be absorbed, we can see that during the first step of physiological food processing (digestion), the inherent caloric value of food is already altered and fewer of the ingested calories reach the cells.”

“So, 3000 calories of celery are certainly different from 3000 calories of butter. If you’re eating only celery and 3000 calories constitutes deficit eating for you, then you’ll get far less calories than you’d hoped.”

“In the end, my point here is that reading food labels doesn’t give a good indication of the exact amount of calories that’ll actually reach the cells for energy provision or storage. Functionally, a calorie is not a calorie.”

Bulking Sin #4  Avoid Trying To Force Muscle Growth By Overfeeding

The idea that you can force muscle growth with the thinking of “more must be better” is counter productive.

Avoid the thought of, “if my body needs 4,000 calories to build muscle I’ll take 6,000 calories instead to grow more.”

Your body can’t produce more muscle by simply overfeeding it.

Sure you need more calories than maintenance to build muscle, but not in an excess of thousands or more.

Your muscles only have so much storage capacity.  Once your muscles are full your body has no where else to shuttle the remaining amount of food but fat cells.

Bulking Sin #5  Avoid Extra Body Fat (Extra Body Decreases Muscle Building)

We all know that in order to build muscle mass you have to eat big but putting on extra body fat makes it harder to build muscle.

Forbe’s Theory: In 1980’s, Forbe’s showed that there is a logarithmic relation between fat gain and lean body mass gain.

He showed that the extent of LBM gain or loss depend on the initial body fat in humans and other species.

Basically, lower your body fat, better your muscle gains when you overeat. As you put on more fat, your muscle gain tend to decrease.

Lean people show 30-70% of LBM gain and obese people show 30-40% of LBM gain with overeating.

Guys that are between 10-15% body fat tend to gain muscle better.  Beyond 15% you tend to gain more fat.

Bulking Sin #6 Avoid Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a bad thing.  Having better insulin sensitivity forces nutrients you consume into the muscle cells and not into your fat cells.

Your entire nutrition program and training must be designed around shuttling ingested calories away from fat stores, and direct them into muscle.

The key to a clean and healthy bulking cycle is nutrient partitioning and the lower your body fat the better your body becomes at nutrient partitioning.

Bulking Sin #7  Avoid Ramping Down Your Thyroid Hormone Production

Suppressing your thyroid production is a bad thing for fat loss.

The fatter your abdominal wall becomes, the less conversion there will be of T4 to T3, the metabolically active form of thyroid.

By bulking for to long and then cutting you run the risk of suppressing your thyroid hormone.

The first time you bulk is easier than the second or third because every time you do it’s that many times you have to cut and this can lead in your thyroid being suppressed.

Another hidden problem with cutting cycles is that the longer you cut the greater the chances of losing muscle due to the caloric deficit. This is definitely not what you want.

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About The Author:  Tim Ernst

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      Great read!! I often see people starting a new bulking cycle and immediately massively overfeeding…

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      Great article as well as great guidance about muscles. I think to build muscles we need a mixture of healthy consuming, supplements, along with a training routine designed specifically for build muscle bulk. its great to read the wrong doing which we don’t know. Thanks for spreading valuable details about muscle progress.

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