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Before you begin your workout there are several things that you should never do before lifting weights.  Doing any one of these will prevent muscle growth.

Do you have a plan before you workout?  Do you know what not to do before you workout?

These are 2 questions you should be looking into before you hit the weights.

Let’s face it, you want your workouts to count and not be a waste of your time.

The worst thing you could do is to go in and perform an intense workout and not being able to grow muscle.

If you know how to apply tension, you can completely DOUBLE your muscle gains, remodel ANY “weak” body-part, bust through any plateau, all while revealing your abs at the same time.

Below are 5 critical things you must never do before you hit the weights.

Rule #1  No Static Stretching


I know what you’ve been told, that stretching before your workout is good.  Well that is not true.

Stretching a cold muscle before you train can lead to injury.

The best way to warm up before a workout is to actually do the exercise you were going to do, but use very light weight.

For example:  When performing squats, squat with just the bar so your body gets warmed up and your brain tells it you are about to squat.

Starting any exercise using light weight is far better than stretching a cold muscle.

Rule #2  No Excessive Cardio


There is no need to do a lot of cardio before you workout.  In fact, don’t even warm up for 5 minutes on the treadmill.  Use the above method mentioned in rule #1 to warm up.

Why is cardio bad before training?  Doing cardio before you train will affect your strength.

I’m not a big believer in cardio at all.  It’s a waste of time and you can get a far better cardio workout using your own body weight.

You can get in the BEST shape of your life doing 8-10 minute body-weight circuits WITHOUT ever stepping foot in a gym.

Rule #3  No Overeating


Some people eat before they workout and some people fast.  Which one is better all depends on your goals.

If your goal is to gain weight you should eat 2-3 hours before you train.

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If your goal is to lose weight, you can try fasting.

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If you eat to much before your workout you will be sluggish/tired and not able to perform your workout optimally.

Rule #4  No Stress


Stress can be good or can have negative effects on your workout.

Increased stress causes cortisol levels to rise which leads to unwanted belly fat.

I know many people use workouts as a stress reliever, but if you are over-stressed before a workout it’s probably better to go home and rest first.

Rule #5  No Excessive Stimulants


With all the pre-workouts in the supplement industry, to much can have reverse effects and hinder your workout.

Increased stimulants can lead to anxiety, increased heart rate and excessive sweating leading to dehydration.

For best practices you should cycle off all stimulants every 4-6 weeks so your adrenal glands can take a break and be repaired.

What’s Next?

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