5 Secrets to Success

1.  Set a Goal

Not setting a goal is like a ship in a harbor ready to set sail with no captain or crew to direct it.  How far do you think that ship will go?  You are at the helm of your mind, direct it towards your goal and you will get there.  You want to gain weight and build muscle?  Picture in your mind what you want to look like and then make the necessary arrangements, (Mentors, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Forums, fanpages, and others who have been there before you) to reach your goal.

2.  Work Hard

Nothing comes to you without hard work, unless you were born rich or born with gifted genetics.  A man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat.  There is always a cost. What can you sacrifice today so that you can work hard for a better tomorrow?  Maybe you need to spend more time in the kitchen than in front of your t.v. or maybe you need to spend more time researching than playing video games.

3.  Keep Pushing Through Even When You Fail.

If you are not failing you are not moving.  Many pioneers from the past failed many times but they never gave up and today they are reaping the benefits.  Have you hit a plateau in your training? Do you feel like you are failing.  Get up and try again.

4.  Think and You Will become.

As a man thinks so is he.  Whatever you think about the most in your mind is the person that you will become.  Get rid of the negativity in your life and start thinking on things above, the positive things.  Your mind is like the land a farmer has.  A farmer can plant two kinds of seeds, one that is good and one that is bad.  Your mind and the land does not care what is planted.  The only job the mind and the land have is to produce what was planted.  You can sow good thoughts in your mind or bad, your mind does not care.  Sow good thoughts today and you will reap a harvest.

5.  Give Back

You reap what you sow.  If you eat bad food while working out you will not make the gains you desire.  Garbage in garbage out.  If you eat and train well you will get the physique you want.  Help others and they will help you.  There is no other way around it.

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