5 Muscle Building Mistakes

5 Muscle Building Mistakes

When trying to build muscle, diligence and prudence go hand-in-hand. While pushing yourself is critical when trying to build muscle, going too hard can result in injury. As you read this article, you’ll learn 5 muscle building mistakes.

1.Not Eating Quality Food
There’s no denying the importance of following a nutritious diet when attempting to build muscle. However, many exercisers struggle with determining which diet is best. The outdated mentality that eating a high-carb meal a few hours before an intense training session is inaccurate and grazing all day doesn’t mean you’ll instantly bulk up. Research has shown that choosing high quality, high-protein food items is absolutely essential in building muscle. High quality, protein-rich foods that are perfect for satisfying your ravenous appetite and building muscle include whey protein powder, grass-fed beef, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, and eggs.

2. Not Limiting Sugar
Another one of the worst muscle building mistakes many make is not limiting their sugar intake. How to gain weight and how to build muscle means restricting sugar because it elevates blood glucose levels, which triggers fat storage and prevents muscle growth. Sugar also decreases energy, which is needed for intense workouts.

3. Doing the Same Workout Too Often
How to build muscle and how to gain weight means constantly challenging your body. Therefore, another one of the most common muscle building mistakes is doing the same workout too often. Doing entirely different workouts several times a week will prevent muscle building plateaus because it will continuously challenge your body and prevent adaptation.

4. Not Doing Enough Complex Workouts
Similarly to doing the same workout too often, another muscle building mistake is not doing enough complex workouts. This means doing challenging workouts that require a full body effort because this will help in how to build muscle and how to gain weight. For example, jumping rope exercises several different muscles and will exhaust you faster because it’s a full body workout, producing quicker results.

5. Not Letting Your Muscles Recover

Another mistake when trying to build muscle is not taking a rest day. Even the most elite athletes take a day off to allow muscle recovery that’s necessary in continuing muscle building and avoiding injuries. Taking a day off from weights will allow you to monitor which muscles are most sore and help you achieve better results.

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