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The holidays can bring a whirlwind of temptations and wreck havoc on your diet.  Here are 5 diet tips that lets you feast WITHOUT affecting your waist line!

Holiday parties can be difficult if you are trying to eat healthy and keep to a diet.

So many of the foods we traditionally associate with the holiday are loaded with carbs and sugars.

Here are 5 tips that will allow you to feast on your favorite holiday foods WITHOUT effecting your wight and fat loss.

Tip # 1  Intermittent Fasting


There’s no better way to begin your holiday feast by waking up in the morning and fasting.

When your sleeping your fasting and burning fat.  Upon wakening in the morning, you should continue to fast so that you’ll burn fat even further.

If choose to eat, your body immediately begins producing energy from the foods you are eating.

If you consume foods high in carbohydrates and sugars your body is even more receptive to these, as it prefers to use energy produced from these sources.

Your body will spend a few hours producing energy this way, instead of burning the fat that is stored on your body, this does not help with fat loss.

When you are fasting however, your body will use the fat on your body to produce energy because there is no readily available energy from food.

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When you eat, your body releases the hormone insulin in order to keep your blood sugar level safe.

Insulin carries any excess glucose that the body produces out of the bloodstream to your liver, your muscles or fat cell storage.

Insulin, however is a double edged sword because not only does it take sugar out of the blood, it also increases the amount of fat that is stored.

Another important thing to consider is that upon wakening your cortisol levels are elevated and eating first thing in the morning will spike insulin.

These 2 things combined will make you fat so before you eat your holiday feast make sure to fast all the way up until you chow down.

Tip # 2  Load Up On Protein


Another trick to feasting during the holidays is to load up your plate with more protein.

For decades, actors and actresses, figure models, athletes, and those in the know have used protein-based meals to help them with weight loss.

These 4 studies show how powerful protein can be when it comes to shrinking your waist and radically changing your body.

Tip # 3  High Intensity Workout

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High intensity workouts have been shown to burn fat up to 9 times faster than traditional cardio.

High intensity workouts will also create what is known as the “after-burn” effect which turns your metabolism into a fat burning furnace!

After performing a bout of high intensity workouts, you’ll continue to burn calories and fat up to 48 hours.

High intensity workouts such as Dumbbell/Barbell complexes are a GREAT way to burn a lot of calories.

Anything you eat during your holiday feast, will not effect your waist line at all when doing these intense workouts.

Tip # 4  Drink Water


Before, during and after you train make sure to drink plenty of water.

Filling up on water will prevent you from over-eating.

There is not much more I can say about water, there’s just no better way to fill up before you feast.

Tip # 5  Get Plenty Of Rest


As I mentioned above, when you are sleeping you are fasting and burning fat.

Make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep prior to your holiday feast.

A lack of sleep will effect cortisol levels (stress hormone) and you’ll tend to make poor food choices.

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