4 Tips to Gain Size & Strength

4 Tips to Gain Size & Strength

Ready…In no particular order

1. If your training is not getting you results then its time to change it up. Train for an entire month focused on moving the weight a lot slower. Don’t rush your sets. Put emphasis on time under tension. When training lift the weight for 2 seconds, pause for 1 second, then lower the weight for 4 seconds. Your tempo now would be 2-1-4.

2. Don’t eat carbs 1 hour before to go to the gym. Carbohydrates before you train will just make you sluggish and sleepy. Any solid protein and vegetable an hour before you train is good. You can eat carbohydrates about 4 hours before training but only the low glycemic ones. 1 hour after you train you can eat a carbohydrate and protein then eat again 4 hours after that.

3. Consume 10-20grams of BCAA during your workout doing so will create an anabolic effect in your body. Consume a protein shake of at least 20 grams of Whey right after your workout.

4.Decrease any aerobic exercises including cardio because it can create a catabolic environment in your body, we want an anabolic response.

Need a more organized plan to put these tips and more into action?

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