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Studies show that hormones directly effect your appetite and the fat storage around your belly.  Here are 4 ways to fix those hormones for rapid fat loss.

By:  Tim Ernst – Founder of and Udemy Instructor

You did not fail your diet, your diet failed you. More importantly, your hormones.

Many people are quick to jump on a diet not realizing that the real problem is your hormones.

Your weight is largely controlled by hormones.

Research shows that hormones influence your appetite and how much fat you store.

Here are 4 ways to “fix” the hormones that control your weight.

Hormone #1 Leptin


Leptin is the single most important fat-burning hormone in your body and it is a critically important hormone that helps control or influence virtually every other weight loss hormone in your body… and can impact your ability to burn fat as a whole.

Leptin signals to the brain that there’s enough fat in storage and no more is needed, which helps prevent overeating.

People who are overweight or have high body fat percentages than normal usually have very high levels of leptin in their blood.

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In fact, one study found that leptin levels in over weight people were 4 times higher than in people of normal weight (1)

Logically you would think that if an overweight person has high levels of leptin then they would eat less.

The bad new is, in obesity the leptin system doesn’t work as it should. This is referred to as leptin resistance.

What happens is leptin gets impaired in overweight people and the signal to the brain does not get through therefor it does not realize you have enough energy stored.

Basically your brain thinks it’s starving when it’s not.

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On the other hand, people who lose weight and have been dieting for to long can experience a suppression in leptin making you eat more.

With every pound you struggle to lose, leptin levels fall even further, making it even more difficult for you to continue to lose fat.(2)

Why? Because as mentioned, in the face of calorie restriction, your body views stored body fat as an asset to survival. The more fat you lose, the more “danger” your body senses, and the harder it is to strip away that next pound.

Here’s how to fix leptin

  • Eat more anti-inflammatory foods.
  • Exercise (short 8 minute exercises works best)
  • Avoid sugary drinks and trans fats
  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep

Hormone #2 Cortisol


Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone” because it’s released when your body senses stress.

Like other hormones, it’s vital to survival. However, chronically elevated levels of cortisol can lead to overeating and weight gain (3).

Here is how to fix and control cortisol

  • Don’t eat foods high in carbohydrates (Have a protein/fat meal like eggs and bacon).  The reason for this is upon wakening cortisol levels are elevated.  Eating foods high in carbohydrates spike insulin.  The combination of the two (cortisol and insulin release) leads to fat storage.  To see when is a good time to eat carbohydrates, read more at: ==> 3 Tricks to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat

  • Sleep more
  • Eat a well balanced diet by not cutting calories to low.  Making great tasting food can still be healthy.  Here’s a delicious fat burning cookbook that you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Music. Studies have shown when soothing music is played during medical procedures, cortisol doesn’t rise as much (4) (5).

Hormone #3 Insulin


When you eat, your body releases the hormone insulin in order to keep your blood sugar level safe.

Insulin carries any excess glucose that the body produces out of the bloodstream to your liver, your muscles or fat cell storage.

Insulin, however is a double edged sword because not only does it take sugar out of the blood, it also increases the amount of fat that is stored.

Keeping to a low carb diet, knowing when to eat carbs in general, or implementing intermittent fasting puts the power of fat loss into your own hands.

Essentially by applying the above methods you’ll be able to control when to release insulin and when not to.

Here’s how to fix Insulin release.

  • Know when to eat carbohydrates
  • Eat less carbohydrates
  • Exercise
  • Eat more fat (Mornings especially)
  • Minimize sugary foods

Here’s what a basic meal cadence would look like for fat loss and insulin control.

  1. Protein/Fat (Mornings)
  2. Protein/Fat (2nd Meal)
  3. Protein/Fat (Pre Training)
  4. Protein/Simple Carb (An hour after workout, post training between 30-50 grams)
  5. Protein/Fat (Before Bed)

Hormone #4 Ghrelin


Ghrelin, also known as the “hunger hormone” sends a message to the hypothalamus telling you to eat (6).

Ghrelin levels are highest before a meal and lowest about an hour or so after you’ve had a meal.

Studies have shown for overweight people ghrelin levels are only lowered at a minimal amount (7).

Because the hypothalamus doesn’t get a strong enough signal to stop eating, results in overeating.

Here’s how to fix ghrelin release.

  • Avoid high-fructose corn syrup and sugar-sweetened drinks such as energy drinks, which can impair ghrelin response after meals. (8) (9)
  • Eat more protein especially during breakfast.
  • Drink a lot of water

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