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Lifting requires strong forearms. To build more muscle mass and lift heavier on bench press, deadlift and barbell rows, use these 4 grip crushing workouts  for thicker and stronger forearms.

Having strong and thick forearms can dramatically help you with heavy lifts such as deadlifts, bench pressing or any type of rowing movement.

One of the reasons you may not be able to perform heavy movements such as the ones listed above could be due to small and weak forearm development.

Think about the last time you did any type of rowing movement and I can guarantee that you had to stop prematurely because your grip began to slip away.

chest workout

Before we begin on the 4 exercises that will strengthen your grip, it’s important to note that evolving your thumbs when gripping any type of bar is going to hinder your results.  So lose the thumbs when performing these exercises below.

Another important factor to consider is to train your forearms on a separate day from your regular training.  You could combine your forearm day when you train calves.  Both of these muscle groups tend to be underdeveloped so it would be a goood idea to combine them on their own separate day.

For more on calf training, see more here:

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After you’ve read the 6 essentials of exercises execution, here is the workout to build bigger and stronger forearms below:

Exercise #1  Towel Pull-Ups


The next time you do pull-ups wrap a towel around the pull-up bar.

Using a towel rather than your hands forces you to use your forearms.

Rounds  3

Reps  8-12 reps

Rest  45-60 seconds

How to perform:  Wrap a towel around a pull-up bar and slowly bring yourself up emphasizing the forearms.  Slowly come back down and repeat for 8-12 reps with a total of 3 sets.

Exercise #2  Hammer Curls

forearmsSeated hammer curls are great for working the brachialis muscle.


The reason for doing seated hammer curls is because you are less likely to cheat.

When doing standing hammer curls it’s easy to sway your body using momentum.  We don’t want to use momentum.

The idea is to make this exercise as challenging as possible, not to make it easy.  Easy does not equal muscle.


Rounds  3

Reps  30 second CTTS (Constant Tension Timed Sets)

Rest  90 seconds

How to perform:  Sit on an incline bench with a pair of light dumbbells and use your stop watch to time your curls for 30 seconds.  Once you’ve completed a 30 second set, rest for 90 seconds and repeat 2 more sets for a total of 3 sets.

Exercise #3  Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curls

forearmsEz bar reverse curls are only good when going thumbless.  When performing this exercise make sure not to include your thumbs around the bar.

Ez bar curls are also good for developing the brachialis muscle.

If you don’t have an ez bar curl at your local gym, a straight bar will do just fine.

Rounds  3

Reps  30 second CTTS (Constant Tension Timed Sets)

Rest  90 seconds

How to perform:  Stand and grab an EZ or straight bar WITHOUT using your thumbs in the movement.   Use your stop watch to time your reverse curls for 30 seconds.  Once you’ve completed a 30 second set, rest for 90 seconds and repeat 2 more sets for a total of 3 sets.


Exercise #4  Fat Grip Barbell or Fat Grips

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Fat bars or fat grips are the new thing when recruiting new muscle fibers.

Using fat grips around a dumbbell or barbell will develop and grow new muscle fiber and strengthen your forearms like no other technique.

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What’s Next?

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