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If you have never attended a Vince DelMonte Muscle Camp, you’re simply missing out on potential GAINS.  Here are 10 things I learned at his infamous muscle camps.

I just got back from my weekend with one of Vince Delmonte’s muscle camps and the Delmonte Pro Team.

I got a chance to meet the top 10 guys who went through all 18 weeks for a spot on the Delmonte Pro Team.

These are the exact workouts we used to transform our bodies in only 18 weeks=>Vanity Specialization Program

It was an incredible experience to meet guys who all share in the same vision. That vision was about building muscle and helping guys like you to do the same.

Here is a pic of our photo shoot at Powerhouse Gym where I live.

So, here are 10 things I learned at muscle camp.

1. Initiate with the working muscle.

Vince Delmonte Pro Team Musle Camp1

This basically means that before you lift any weight always initiate with the particular muscle your working first by using tension. Tense your muscle at the bottom of the movement before you start moving the weight up and down.  There is no rest on the eccentric portion of the rep, keep those muscles tight and use tension the whole time.

Get the exact workouts to build a bigger and stronger body in only 18 weeks=>Vanity Specialization Program

2. Anything is possible.

Let me tell you, 18 weeks ago I was just a regular guy who thought was in a great shape. I had no direction and was looking for an opportunity. My before pics looked horrible and today I look in better shape the past 18 weeks than in my last 10 years.  I’m not exaggerating either.  My physique even landed me a spot for the first ever Delmonte Pro Team. I never though in my wildest dreams I would be partnering with Vince Delmonte and other like minded people from across the world. Keep your dreams and goals right in front of you and get to work on it!

3. Script your day before you go to sleep.


We’ve all heard it “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”

Most people wake up not knowing what to do first. This mindset is unhealthy and causes unrelated stress.

Script out your day the night before and execute it the following morning. This could be in the form of meal planning, the kind of workouts you’re going to do, business goals, personal development time etc.

4. Networking

This is the most powerful thing you can do. It’s so powerful that it’s not necessarily what you know (although important) as it is who you know.

It has been said that you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most.  Network with people who have the same common goals as you. People who will hold you accountable. People who help motivate and push you in the right direction. There’s in old Proverb that says, “Pity the man who falls and has no one to pick him up.

No one achieves success alone, they surrounded themselves with people who had the same vision and goals plus seeked out great mentors which leads me to number 5.

5. Seek Great Coaches and Mentors.

Tim Ernst and Vince Delmonte

Seek people who are light years ahead of you. People who can show you the ropes and show you how to accomplish great goals.

If you want to build muscle, it doesn’t make sense to seek out someone who’s never done it or doesn’t look the part. I mean you wouldn’t take advice from someone who inherited a million dollars would you? Of course not. You would take advice from someone who built his multi million dollar business from the ground up starting with nothing.

So where do you find great mentors? Big events. Find an event or workshop of your interest and sign up. Take a couple people with you so you can share the experience.

6. Be Teachable

Don’t be the guy who thinks he knows it all. That’s a for sure way to end up in failure. Learn from the best and apply immediately. Learn, imitate, apply.

7. Take Plenty of Electrolytes During Intense Exercise


So usually I drink a lot of water, at least a gallon a day. On Saturday during muscle camp I was only taking sips. The end result wasn’t good. I worked out quads and calves early in the morning followed by a Wingate workout. If you don’t know what a Wingate workout is it’s basically used to test your anaerobic power on a stationary bike. You have to pedal as fast as you can with no resistance and then BAM, the resistance kicks in full throttle and you have to keep pedaling until the instructor tells you to stop. Want to see how it’s done? Check out the video below of me doing it. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Anyway, I had to do a third workout that afternoon doing hamstrings and abs. When I got to dead-lifts my quads locked up and cramped.

So much so that I couldn’t finish the workout. I had to get a Gatorade and down it as fast as I could. Lesson learned.

8. Shredded Abs is the Name of the Game For Awesome Looking Photos.

Getting shredded abs can really make your photos look incredible.

It positions you as the alpha male who knows a thing or two about proper diet and nutrient timing.

It also means your are dedicated to getting your best physique possible. Don’t get me wrong here other muscle groups are just as important but, people’s eyes are naturally drawn to abs first.


Most people who train in the gym today neglect that one muscle group and most don’t understand the importance of having a strong core. Having a strong core helps with lifts and posture.

Honestly, I wanted my abs to look better and I’m going to do everything I can to get them.

My plan is to separate my ab training from my regular resistance training workouts. You can do the same but, if time is an issue you can do them at the end of your workout.

9. Reps Are Not as Important as Contracting the Muscle

Contracting Hard Delmonte Pro Team

Like I said above about abs, you don’t have to do countless amount of reps to get a great set of abs, arms, chest etc.

Doing 20 to 30 reps only moving your hip flexors and not contracting the muscle hard, isn’t going to get you magazine cover abs.

The name of the game is contracting HARD with the right amount of load! If the muscle isn’t cramping you’re not contracting hard enough.

You can get a great set of abs by doing 5-8 hard contractions than doing 20-30 reps with little to no contraction.

10. The Gym is a Metaphor for Life.


I can tell whether someone is successful or not in other areas of their life by how hard they train in the gym, not always but most of the time.

If you’re someone who trains hard, your diet is tight and you have a body to prove it; then I’m willing to bet you have other areas of your life that’s well together to.

What I mean is if your are dedicated to your fitness goals, this is the same type of energy it takes to accomplish other goals in your life.

It takes sacrifice, time, dedication and shear desire followed by action to make it happen. You do this with consistency and your bound to succeed in whatever it is you want.

There is no reason not to succeed in life. You may have a lot of obstacles in your way but, who doesn’t. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the right time. There is no such thing as the right time and if you wait for that, you’ll be waiting a long time while other people move past you.

Get the exact workouts to build a bigger and stronger body in only 18 weeks=>Vanity Specialization Program


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