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Are you still struggling to put on and build quality muscle mass?  If so here are 10 PROVEN methods for drug free muscle that will keep all of your GAINS and increase testosterone naturally.

Let me ask you a question…Do you know how to tell if your testosterone levels are low?

If you are not getting at least 4-5 SRE’s (Sleep related erections) this could be the case!

In the adult male, SREs are linked to levels of testosterone, with testosterone production also peaking during REM sleep.1 As testosterone levels drop, frequency of SREs declines.2

If you are looking to put on pounds of muscle mass and increase testosterone levels WITHOUT the use of drugs you need to understand how building muscle works.

The Real Reason You Can’t Make COLOSSAL Gains in Size and Strength is Because You’ve Only Been Taught to Exploit One (Or, If You’re Lucky, Two) of the 4 Scientifically-Proven Factors Of Hypertrophy Responsible for Building The Lean, Hard And Muscular Body You Deserve and Desire!  Applying all 4 factors while training in the gym will yield much better results.

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Once you’ve read about the 4 Scientifically-Proven Factors Of Hypertrophy, here are 10 proven methods for drug free muscle.

Drug Free Method # 1  Weight Gain/Fat Loss

Aim to gain at least 2 pounds a week by being in a caloric surplus.  To do that take your body weight and multiply by 14.  Then add 500 from that number.  This will be the amount of calories you need in order to build muscle.

If you are trying to burn belly fat, aim to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  To do that take your body weight and multiply by 14.  Then subtract 500 from that number.  This will be the amount of calories you need in order to burn fat.

Drug Free Method # 2  Mind Muscle Connection

If you do not feel your muscles contract on any particular exercise, ditch it.  Mind muscle connection can take years to develop and your body may not be wired to feel that muscle working.

You can always switch up an exercise to get a better contraction.  For an example, if you suck at barbell bench press and feel it more in your shoulders try dumbbells instead.

Here is the number one factor to building muscle mass period.  Without applying this factor, you will not reach your genetic potential.

Drug Free Method # 3  Hit Your Macros with at Least 50% Carbs For Weight Gain and 20% For Fat Loss

Here’s a good rule to follow when it comes to carbohydrate consumption for wight gain.

  • On upper body workout days consume 2 grams of carbs per pound body weight.
  • On lower body workout days consume 3 grams of carbs per pound body weight.

Here’s a good rule to follow when it comes to carbohydrate consumption for fat loss.

  • Consume 0.5-1 gram of carbs per pound of body weight

Drug Free Method # 4  Just say NO to Cardio

Cardio burns calories and muscle needs calories.  Limit your cardio or don’t do any at all.  If you notice that you are accumulating more fat, then you can add some short cardio sessions.

However, if you are overweight and want to burn fat fast WITHOUT losing muscle, I would highly recommend barbell/dumbbell complexes.

Drug Free Method # 5  Increase Strength

Include a strength day at the beginning of the week when you’re body is fresh by using compound movements such as:

Drug Free Method # 6  Work Every Angle

You need to get strong at every angle of a movement.  For example, if you are doing pull-ups try to get stronger on every hand grip when pulling up.

Drug Free Method # 7  Apply Progressive Overload and The 3 Mechanisms to Muscle Growth

Muscle grows by progressively overloading it.  Muscle needs to be challenged and when it’s not, there’s no reason for you to continue making muscle gains.

There are several ways to progressively overload the muscle:

  • Increase the weight
  • Increase the sets with the same weight
  • Increase the reps with same weight
  • Shorter rest periods
  • Increase intensity

To make your BEST gains you need to apply ALL 3 mechanisms to muscle growth.

Here are a few techniques that incorporate these mechanisms for record breaking transformations.

Drug Free Method # 8  Eat a Variety of Protein

Eat at leas 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight using a variety of protein sources.

4 Studies have shown that a this type of breakfast consisting of protein and fat help struggling men and women to lose fat  at least TWICE as fast… and up to SIX times as fast!

Drug Free Method # 9  Ditch Your Weight Gainers

Being in a caloric surplus is going to help with weight gain and weight gainers are full of fillers and other unhealthy ingredients.

If you happen to fall short on calories here’s a 1,000 calorie shake you can make at home.

If you are trying to get leaner and want to increase your testosterone naturally, AVOID these 10 breakfast foods at all costs.

Drug Free Method # 10  Recovery

Building muscle and fat loss happen outside of the gym not inside.  Get at least 7-8 hours of rest.

What’s Next?

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[1]  Evans et al. “Concentrations of plasma testosterone in normal men during sleep.” Nature. 1971 Jan 22;229(5282):261-2.

[2]  Granata et al. “Relationship between sleep-related erections and testosterone levels in men.” J Androl. 1997 Sep-Oct;18(5):522-7.

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