Lean Muscle

One Dumbbell Complex Workout To Torch Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Traditional cardio SUCKS for fat loss & puts your health at risk.  DO this ONE dumbbell complex to incinerate fat FASTER and build LEAN MUSCLE simultaneously. If you ask most people what their fitness goals are, most would tell you that they would like to burn fat while building lean muscle. When people think of…

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Barbell Complex

1 KILLER Barbell Complex For A Shredded Physique

DITCH the cardio if you want a ripped and shredded physique.  Lose body fat and build muscle at the same time using this one KILLER barbell complex. If you think that you’ve trained hard before, you’ve seen nothing yet.  This 1 barbell complex is a workout that is able to get you ripped and shredded…

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4 Worst Post Workout Foods to Avoid After A Workout

An intense workout can give you your dream body, but it doesn’t give you license to eat whatever you want right after. Avoid these 4 foods to stay fit. You just had an intense workout session and you’re feeling pretty good about your workout. You’ve already justified in your mind that you can have a…

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4 Hormones That Control Your Weight And How To Fix Them

Studies show that hormones directly effect your appetite and the fat storage around your belly.  Here are 4 ways to fix those hormones for rapid fat loss. You did not fail your diet, your diet failed you. More importantly, your hormones. Many people are quick to jump on a diet not realizing that the real…

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7 Deadly Bulking Sins To Building Muscle Fast

7 Deadly Bulking Sins To Building Muscle Fast

Gain up to 12 pounds of pure muscle WITHOUT the fat by using this cyclical bulking cycle in 21 days and avoid these 7 deadly bulking sins. It’s that time of year where most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts go on a bulking cycle to gain more muscle mass. The problem with most bulking cycles is…

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Bigger Chest

3 Best Workouts For A Thicker Bigger Chest

If you are looking to build a thicker and bigger chest, here are 3 chest crushing exercises that apply ALL 3 mechanisms for pec fiber growth. There’s nothing more satisfying than growing a bigger chest other than having bigger arms. To get the most out of your chest training you need to apply ALL 3…

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10 Worst Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Breakfast.  To eat or not to eat. While there is scientific evidence to suggest that fasting may be beneficial for body composition, many people still want to enjoy breakfast.  If that is you, here are 10 breakfast foods to avoid. I’m sure you have already heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the…

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flatter belly

Carb Cycling Tricks For a Flatter Belly

Cheat days have become very popular over the last several years.  Follow these 5 simple tricks when you want to gorge on cheat foods for a flatter belly. People who desire to get a flatter belly will often times diet for long periods. Dieting for to long WILL do more harm than good because there…

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upper pecs

Does incline bench press build upper chest muscles

Does the incline bench press really build the upper chest?  Before you get down on the incline bench press you need to make sure you set it at this precise angle or you’ll totally miss hitting the upper pec fibers. Don’t even think about doing an incline bench press to hit the upper pecs. The…

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Fat loss

7 PROVEN Techniques For Drug Free Fat Loss

Struggling to lose weight and burn fat?  If so here are 7 PROVEN techniques for drug free fat loss that will make your metabolism a fat burning furnace. To be quite clear and honest, diets do not work.  Fat loss is a result of doing small and consistent things over and over therefore creating a…

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